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Staff Writer – November 28, 2010

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Bookmark and ShareDegustivina, the tasting event of Sicilian and other Italian wines, closed having welcomed a total of over 5,000 visitors.

The 11th annual of Degustavina took place for two days at the former Deposito delle Locomotive (Railway Engine Warehouse) in Palermo, Sicily, with a record participation of over 5,000 visitors.

The 48 wineries who participated to Degustavina 2010
The 48 wineries who participated in Degustavina 2010

"We are very satisfied," commented Giuseppe Ferraro, president of Enos, the association which has organized the event for 11 years.

Happily, 2010 has seen the largest participation to date, and was characterized by a wide participation of young adults, or the consumers in the near future. These types of events are in fact essential to creating a connection between wine and the younger generations, who often tend toward drinks which pay much less attention to quality compared to wine. The education of young adults to attentive and responsible drinking is thus more important and needed more than ever.

Degustivina 2010 celebrated the important link between wine and terroir by offering a space entitled 'Buono… non lo conoscevo!' ('Good... I did not Know that'), dedicated to Italian native vines. The space was organized by the association Go Wine and presented lesser known wine varieties which are rarely found in wine bars.

Guida ai vini 2011- La Sicilia, Vitigni e Territorio

"Sicily is a great laboratory," said Massimo Corrado, president of the association Go Wine, "where bold entrepreneurial intelligence is very evident. Think of the promotional effort made to get the world to know the Nero d'Avola and the excellent work being currently made to bring other native grape varieties to the attention of the wide public".

In addition, the event introduced I libri di Degustivina (The Books of Degustavina), the new publishing effort with which Enos opens a new informational channel to round out the cognitive effort made by the Sicilian enological world. The first book published for the new series is Guida ai vini 2011- La Sicilia, Vitigni e Territorio (Guide to 2011 Wines - Sicily, Its Vines and Territory), by Alma Torretta.

The volume is in Italian and English, and presents a rigorous selection of the most interesting wine production of the island and the characteristics of the different production zones, featuring 100 wines and 76 wineries. This is a pocket guide rich in data, information, anecdotes, photographs and drawings. It is the first, and so far the only guide which presents the Sicilian wines organized by grape variety, rather than by winery.



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