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PageRankOsvaldo Baroncelli Re-elected President of the AIS Toscana
Staff Writer – July 8, 2010

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Bookmark and ShareThe re-election took place at the end of the ordinary assembly of the association, held on Wednesday, July 7, 2010, at the Hotel Datini, in Prato.

Osvaldo Baroncelli was confirmed President of the Tuscan chapter of the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers (Italian Association of Sommeliers, or AIS) for the four-year-period 2010-2014.

Osvaldo Baroncelli
Osvaldo Baroncelli

"First of all, I would like to thank all those who have placed their trust in me to lead the AIS Toscana with the hope of continuing work together as has been the case so far," said Baroncelli. "During the last four years, the chapter has grown and evolved considerably in communication, image, and professionalism, allowing us to obtain important results.

"Thirteen delegations, 3500 associates, and 30 educational courses testify to the positive balance of 2009, during whichtime the Tuscan sommellerie was listed among the Italian regions with the largest number of associates. One of the goals that my presidency aimed to achieve." added Baroncelli, "was the professional improvement of our sommeliers via our regional school and competitions. Our school, which is unique in Italy, enriched the AIS Toscana and Luca Martini, (who in 2008 was awarded third place [Translator's Note]), was awarded the title of Best Sommelier of Italy.

"As per the communication, we were able to achieve great results with the association web site and the regional paper 'Sommelier Toscana', which I had the pleasure of following step by step during these years, as it evolved from simple in-house publication in 2006, to a full blown magazine, with a circulation today of 18,000 copies, distributed in newsstands. The merit for this achievement goes to the managing director, editorial director, head of marketing and communication, publisher, press officer and all the delegates who, with their direct participation made it possible. However, our commitment continues," said the president, "for the next four years, fine tuning the communication reach and image of the AIS Toscana, strengthening the relationship with institutions, producers, and hotels, as well as improving the professionalism of our sommeliers with ongoing quality updates, organizing events and regional high profile meetings."


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