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Staff Writer – November 8, 2009

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The guide is published by Touring Club Italiano and dedicated to Italian wines made with native grapes. For it, 18,000 wines were tasted, over 4,000 of which are presented and reviewed in the guide.

On November 7, 2009, at an event held at teatro Puccini, (Puccini Theater) during the opening day of the Merano International Wine Festival, the eighth annual guide entitled Vinibuoni d'Italia 2010 (Good Wines of Italy 2010), published by the Touring Club Italiano, was presented to the press and the general public.

During the presentation, the producers of the 216 wines which were awarded the Corona (Crown), that is, the wines selected during the final tasting session with the participation of all the national commissions, received their prizes. According to the selecting commissions from all parts of Italy, these are excellent wines, which best express the characteristics of the native vines, as well as the terroir where they were grown. In addition to character, these wines are the result of respect for traditional Italian wine making techniques, and emphasize the uniqueness and quality of Italian wines.

All the wines tasted are produced with Italian native grapes, and offer a favorable quality/price ratio on the Italian and international markets alike.

The guide Vinibuoni d'Italia was been edited by Mario Busso, with the collaboration of Luigi Cremona. Twenty one regional tasting commissions including sommeliers and trade journalists, worked for one year tasting wines produced with Italian native grapes by 1,070 wineries.

Vinibuoni d'Italia 2010The regional coordinators who participated in the selection are:

  • Claudia Moriondo
  • Stefano Fanti
  • Ornella Cordara
  • Riccardo Modesti
  • Cristina Burcheri
  • Paolo Ianna
  • Angelo Carrillo
  • Rosaria Benedetti
  • Laura Franchini
  • Antonio Paolini
  • Guido Ricciarelli
  • Andrea De Palma
  • Angelo Concas
  • Luciano Pignataro
  • Gianni De Bellis
  • Alma Torretta
  • Roger Sesto
  • Claudio Marafetti
  • Bernardo Pasquali
  • Aurora Endrici
  • Paola Borlatto.

In addition, the guide lists:

  • 187 Gold Stars: Wines which obtained four stars and the nomination to compete for the Corona.

  • 248 Vini Da Non Perdere ((Not-To-Be-Missed Wines): Wines with superior characteristics, which the regional commissions highlighted in a special section of the guide.

  • 25 Best Collio DOC Bianco: Wine made in a zone particularly suitable to producing especially distinguished whites, thanks to the combination of climate, soil composition, and historic tradition.
Source: Vinibuoni d'Italia editorial office
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