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Staff Writer – October 19, 2009

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From November 24 to 28, 2009, the 23rd annual Simei, (Salone Internazionale delle Macchine per Enologia e Imbottigliamento, or International Salon for Enology and Bottling Machinery,) will take place in Milan, and the first reports about the state of the beverage industry will highlight changes in the market trends.

Simei 2009In 2008, the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages, including bottled water, soft drinks and fruit juices, totaled 560 billion liters (around 148 billion gallons.) Bottled water continues to expand its share in the global market, with a volume of 218.3 billion liters (close to 58 billion gallons,) surpassing soft drinks, which in recent years have historically topped sales in the non-alcoholic beverage sector, but sold just 209 billion liters in 2008. The reports highlight an increase in consumption of low-calory beverages (without sugar added,) as well as of natural and 'functional' drinks, that is, those enriched with energetic substances such as mineral salts and vitamins, for a total of around 70 billion liters (18.5 billion gallons.)

The market share of fruit juice and fruit nectar beverages is threatened by new, natural soft drinks with lower fruit content, and total production and consumption worldwide is around 41 billion liters (close to 11 billion gallons,) marking a modest increase compared to the previous year, thanks in particular to the ongoing innovation of products and improved packaging.

Despite the economic crisis, in 2008 the production and consumption of beer went up on the world market, with a total of 1,816 million hectoliters (about 48 billion gallons, marking a 1.6% increase over 2007.

The changes in trends point to the decreased production of consumption registered for the first time in recent years in Europe. In addition, this trend is mirrored in the North American and Australian markets

More accurate details about the state of the beverage world market will be disclosed during the trade show, from November 24 to 28, 2009.

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