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PageRankAmorim Cork Listed Among the Top 'Green Companies' in the World
Staff Writer – March 15, 2009

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From the environmental point of view, cork is the best wine stopper.

According to authoritative British wine magazine The Drink Business, Portuguese cork wine stopper producer Amorim is among the top 50 'green companies' in the world, that is, firms which produce respecting the environment. The world leader wine stopper producer is the only company worldwide to make the list in this category.

Cork Tree 
Cork Tree
The Portuguese behemoth is listed halfwaydown the 'green list', taking the 25th position, thanks to its commitment to preserve forests, respect for environmental bio-diversity, and land management through analyses of the environmental impact of tools and products used. The Drink Business has highlighted the hundreds of thousands of contacts registered on their web site during the international Amorim campaign entitled 'Save Miguel', dedicated to protecting forests of the special oak trees whose bark ends up corking our bottles of wine, in addition to the thousand virtual oaks planted by web site visitors during the Internet promotion of the initiative.

A study about the life cycle of cork stoppers and alternative methods, commissioned in 2008 by Amorim by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the industry leader in international professional services to corporations, found that from the point of view of the environment, currently cork represents the best wine stopper.

The study, undertaken according to ISO 14040 and 14044 norms, lasted 12 months and was revised by three independent organizations, showed that carbon dioxide emissions associated with cork stoppers are significantly lower that those associated with screw caps and synthetic corks.

The CO2 emissions, which are one of the key factors of global warming, are 24 times those of natural cork in screw caps, and ten times those of synthetic stoppers. The study concluded that, in a 100-year period, the CO2 emission of 1,000 cork stoppers during their life cycle, from beginning to end, including production, shipment and packaging, totals 1,533 grams, while the value for 1,000 synthetic stoppers would be 14,833 grams, and that of 1,000 screw caps would be 37,172 grams.

Antonio Amorim, President of Corticeira Amorim SGPS, stated that the objective of the analyses was to identify opportunities to improve the environmental impact of disposing of cork stoppers, as well as to provide the vitivinicultural industry with data about the environmental impact of the different types of stoppers currently available. There are many in the industry who work actively to reduce the impact over the environment, thus the PWC study is particularly important, because it tends to highlight the role that natural cork stoppers can play in the process.

In mid January, in the presence of the Portuguese Environment Secretary of State, Amorim inaugurated the first enterprise in the world dedicated to recycling cork stoppers.

Source: Silvia CaccoCarry On s.r.l. • Tel. 0438 24007

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