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Rimini Fiera Presents Four Wine and Food Trade Shows
Staff Writer – November 10, 2008

From February 14 to 17, 2009, Rimini Fiera presents four important food appointments:

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MIA, The Eating Out Trade Continues to Grow

MIA 2009

MIA, the leading appointment for the eating out food trade, offers the opportunity to check out the state of a still growing market sector, which currently generates a €65.7 billion turnover in Italy. Projections foresee 45% growth of the modern food service, 30% for the collective food service, and 25% for the traditional food sector, by 2015 (source: Nomisma survey).

Interesting new inroads into large-scale distribution will be provided by the second Large-scale Distribution Buyers' Day, with round tables and meetings with companies and the participation of the ADIS Federdistribuzione, which will attend the exhibition with the associated cash and carry franchisers.

Side events dedicated to quality food service, with the participation of internationally appreciated chefs, include the Bocuse d'Or Award, chaired by Gualtiero Marchesi, a group of chefs from the Boscolo Etoile Accademy, NIP pizza chefs, and the Italian Chefs Federation. There is also a lot more, such as the 3rd edition of the outside the expo event "Arroccati sul Gusto" (Stronghold of Taste), organized in collaboration with the provincial administration of Rimini.

MIA 2008
An image from MIA 2008

2008 Report
  • 100,000 square meter (over 1,076 square feet) exhibition floor,
  • 88,087 trade visitors, of whom 2,918 from abroad (ISF audited data),
  • 1,500 exhibitors.

Visitors' Demographic
  • Food Service
    (restauranteurs, pizza parlors, store chains and franchising, fast food, take out, catering firms, collective food service),
  • Other Public Venues
    (hotels, bars, pubs, beer cellars, clubs and night clubs),
  • Trade
    (distributors, wholesalers, importers, exporters, brokers),
  • Large-Scale Distribution
    (hyper and supermarkets, Cash & Carry stores, purchase groups),
  • Food & Beverage Retail
  • Press
  • Trade Associations.

Reasons for exhibiting

  • The only specialist showcase of food for eating out: a sector with high innovation content and further growth possibilities.
  • Ensures a very high profile (65 million contacts thanks to coverage by television networks, radio and the press).
  • An excellent business opportunity, as it addresses a market that is still growing
  • Attracts an increasing number of foreign buyers (business meetings with exhibiting firms) and large-scale distribution buyers (the 2nd Large-Scale Distribution Buyers' Day is being held)

Reasons for visiting

  • Provides an extensive overview of the innovations and trends in food consumption,
  • Offers an occasion for professional updating (survey presentations, training courses, tasting sessions, contests),
  • Held simultaneously with four other expo events for the food & beverage trade: Pianeta Birra Beverage & Co, "Oro Giallo 5th International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil", "MSE, Mediterranean Seafood Exhibition" and "Food & Beverage Logistics Forum", which together form the leading European expo appointment for the eating out market.

Pianeta Birra – Beverage & Co.

The 11th annual "Pianeta Birra – Beverage & Co., Esposizione Internazionale di Birre e Bevande, Snack, Attrezzature e Arredamenti per Pub e Pizzerie" (Beer Planet – Beverage & Co., International Exhibition of Beer, Drinks, Snacks, Equipment and Furniture for Pubs and Pizza Parlors), will take place in Rimini, on February 14 - 17, 2009, in conjunction with the 39th MIA.

Pianeta Birra – Beverage & Co.

Pianeta Birra – Beverage & Co. is the leading European Trade show dedicated to drinks in general. The event represents an important appointment for wholesalers, distributors, and importers catering to the HO.RE.CA. (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) industry, as well as for club and store managers.

To better meet the demands of the current market place, the trade show pairs the exhibition of products and the promotion of companies seeking contacts with the distribution system, with two side events. The first is entitled "I Love Beer" (in English in the original Italian agenda), and is dedicated to bar, club and store owners and managers. The second is a series of off-premises events entitled "Drink Village" (in English in the original Italian agenda), and is dedicated to consumers.

Conventions, seminars, guided tastings and competitions, will enrich the trade show as well.

Seafood: the international srafood chain

The MSE, or the International Mediterranean Seafood Exhibition, is the only business-to business expo event in the Mediterranean area which features the entire seafood chain: from fresh to frozen produce, oven-ready dishes to preserved specialties, not to mention equipment and processing systems.

MSE Seafood & Processing

Over 50% of MSE exhibitors are international and represent products from around the world.

  • Seafood:
    Seafood production in all its forms - from fresh to frozen produce, preserved and gourmet seafood.
  • Processing, preservation, marketing, distribution and transport technology.
  • Furnishing and Fitting:
    Aquariums, refrigerated counters, display cabinets, thematic decoration.
  • Services:
    Meetings and trade associations, corporate consultancy, specialized

Seafood consumption in Italy exceeds domestic production, forcing the market to turn to imported products.

MSE offers a great opportunity for foreign companies to enter the Italian market.

In 2008, exhibitors from Denmark, France, Morocco, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Spain, as well as Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Rumania, Lithuania and United States showcased their seafood products.

MSE is supported by Italian and European trade associations and institutions. It provides buyers and suppliers with the opportunities for networking and education through high-profile conferences and round tables on key political and scientific issues throughout the seafood industry.

Oro Giallo (Yellow Gold)

"Oro Giallo, International Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil", had an extremely positive start, taking full advantage of the business potential offered by being held alongside with other expositions, in particular the 38th annual MIA, the International Trade Food Show.

Oro Giallo (Yellow Gold)

This year the show aims at repeating the high impact experienced last year. Four days dedicated to educating and popularizing the knowledge of the extra virgin olive oil, with spotlights on new technologies, in-depth coverage of important scientific issues, guided tastings for catering and food service specialists, and product analysis, among other activities.

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