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Korked: New Italian-Made Stopper Promises Big Results
Staff Writer – January 27, 2007

It's called Korked the new 'tappo col buco', or 'holed stopper', which controls wine oxigenation.

Researched, designed and produced by Verona-based OliverOgar corporation, the new stopper promises to revolutionize bottling systems for high quality wines worldwide.


Korked is the result of five year of research by OliverOgar's R&D department in collaboration with the Udine university. Made with syntetich material resistant to mold, the stopper includes a thin membrane which allows for controlled micro-oxigenation. This modern technique allows to add specific quantity of oxigen to the wine during the ageing process, with the goal to obtain higher quality products and defeat TCA, the dreaded cause for 'corked' wine.

Let's just wait and see if the promise will be maintained.

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