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Water is The New Wine
Staff Writer – April 20, 2007

Unique Water tasting events scheduled for LA market. AquaBar to launch water tasting and education events.

AquaBar, a luxury bottled water service, announces new program aimed at educating the public on fine bottled water. Unique water tasting events are scheduled to commence in Los Angeles teaching the public on how to select fine bottled water for dining experiences and special occasions.

When you think of water you generally don't associate varying differences or distinguishing characteristics. But not so, fine bottled water like wine comes in a variety of styles and from different regions of the world. Regional influences such as taste, weight / body, mouthfill, smell and mineral and content levels all characterize and set fine bottled waters apart from one another. The direction of bottled water in our culture desires an inspiring purveyor to simplify, expose, and clarify the growing wall of bottled water, so AquaBar, Inc, in conjunction with affiliated partner Fine Waters Media have decided to take on the challenge.

"The next generation of water enthusiasts and connoisseurs demand a higher level of sophistication, style, quality and taste beyond the conventional products that clutter the market. Elevating the profile of fine bottled water and educating the public is one way we help build brand awareness and set facts straight on bottled water" says Jason Boardé founder of AquaBar, Inc.

The AquaBar water tasting event and experience plans to take body hydration beyond the gimmicks and reveal a world of water you never knew existed. Educated water tasting is a combination of knowledge, experience, and learning the disciplined use of the four senses involved - sight, smell, touch and taste.

Like water, the scheduled tasting events will fluidly flow through the ins and outs of bottled water and reveal a world rarely credited for it's positive influences, abilities and sustenance. From water 101 to regional influences to minerals and content, these unique water tasting experiences will refresh your perception, soaked your thoughts and change the way you see water. The events will coincide with Wine tasting and gourmet food events and will only be hosted at AquaBar client locations. However, the company will make exceptions to other establishments interested in offering their patrons or customer a unique experience and service.

AquaBar, in its own words
AquaBar is a luxury water service based in Beverly Hills that supplies fine establishments and discerning beverage drinkers with premium H2o. We search the globe to bring you the latest in body hydration from all corners of the world.

Established in 2005 as a premium bottled water service by water aficionado Jason Boardé, our deluxe elixirs are the favorite of gourmands, executive chefs, fine dining establishments, hotels, spas, bars and catering companies all over.

Each brand we select is based on purity, taste, quality, value and aesthetics – not dissimilar from their wine counterpart.

Our unique business offers luxury water home delivery, distribution to fine establishments, and brand marketing for bottled water companies interested in developing their profile within the lifestyle and luxury markets. Unmatched by any other, the AquaBar portfolio consists of unique waters that can only be acquired on-premise or at select venues and locations. Our brands add value to any beverage center and inspire a level of sophistication that can be appreciated by aficionados and novice alike.

Source: AquaBar, Inc. – Phone: 3106013083
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