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European Patent Office Recognizes the Validity of Nomacorc's Patent
Staff Writer – July 6, 2006


The European Patent Office (EPO) has confirmed the validity of Nomacorc's patent for wine closures with amended claims. Nomacorc® is the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic closures for wine. On June 7th, 2006, the EPO rejected Volpini's (Anton Volpini de Maestri Packaging Enterprises L.C., producer of Vinotop closures) opposition to Nomacorc's patent in response to an infringement lawsuit initiated by Nomacorc® against Volpini in Germany last year.


Volpini has the option to appeal this ruling of the EPO within two months after service of the written decision. Dr. Olav Aagaard, Chief Scientist at Nomacorc, says, "We've invested heavily in the research and development of our product and it's our intent to defend it. We are confident that we will prevail against any legal proceedings regarding our proprietary technology."

Nomacorc synthetic closures are produced through a patented co-extrusion process designed to provide maximum performance in wine preservation and quality. The foamed inner core with a flexible outer skin ensures oxidation resistance and prevents leakage that could occur due to the bottling process. With customers in more than 40 countries, Nomacorc continues to grow at a phenomenal pace while providing the ultimate standard for synthetic closures. Sales in 2005 alone surpassed 1.2 billion Nomacorc® closures.

Footnote: The European Patent Organization, or EPO, which was established by the Convention on the Grant of European Patents (EPC) and signed in Munich in 1973, is the outcome of the European countries' collective political determination to establish a uniform patent system in Europe.         Back to top


Source: Suzanne Alardin – Communication & P.R. Manager – Nomacorc SA
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