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Thirty Ninth Vinitaly: International Wine and Spirits Exhibition
Staff Writer – March 20, 2005

The major world wine trade show is approaching once again. Below please find useful information for exhibitors, visitors, dignitaries and press participating to the event, about how to get there, where to park, where to get accreditation and where to access the facilities.

In closing, we provide a short historic timeline, from the first edition of 'Italian Wine Days', precursor of today's 'Vinitaly-International Wine and Spirits Exhibition', to the 2004 Russian trade show.

  • WHEN: From Thursday April 7, to Monday April 11, 2005.
  • WHERE: Verona Exhibition Center (4 minutes from the Verona Sud exit on the 'A4, Serenissima' Highway, about 4 minutes from the Railway Station and 3 Km. from downtown).
  • TIMETABLE:  9:00AM to 7:00PM.
  • GATES: San Zeno (South) and Cangrande (East).
  • ENTRANCE: Trade Only with pre-registration.

  • EXHIBITION CENTER SERVICES: Restaurants, hot snacks, bars, congress services, insurance, public telephone service, mobile phone rental, post office, State Police, Carabinieri, banks, newspapers, photocopies, baggage store.
    Check in
    (Cangrande Gate) with Exhibition Center/Airport shuttle service (only for passengers with hand luggage).
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    • Accreditation center (ground floor, Palaexpo), for collection of pre-accreditation passes and on-arrival accreditation (duly enrolled Journalists only).
    • Press Center in the gallery between Halls 4 & 5 (1st floor) and
    • Press Room in Palaexpo (2nd floor)
      PLEASE NOTE:Access to both facilities is limited to press pass holders only.
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    • By car from A4 “Serenissima” Highway: Traffic from Turin-Milan-Brescia-Venice-Udine-Trieste.
      Free Phone Information: 167-012812.
      Exit either at Verona Sud and parking at the former Adige Workshops, former Magazzini Generali or the former Fruit and Vegetable Market. Alternatively, exit at Verona Nord and follow the street signs.
    • By car from A22 "Brennero": Traffic from Modena-Trento-Bolzano-Bressanone-Vipiteno.
      The closest exit is Verona Sud, however the recommended exit is Verona Nord. From there go directly to the Stadium parking areas, there will be a shuttle bus connecting to/from the Exhibition Center.
      Road Traffic Information: Tel. 167 012812
      Verona Sud Service Center: Tel 045 867 2650
      Highway A22 Operations Center: Tel. 0461 980 085.
      PLEASE NOTE: A real time information systems will indicate the best highway exits in relation to the ongoing traffic flow.
    • By train; "Verona Porta Nuova" Railway Station
      Railway Information: 1478 88088, available from 7:00AM to 9:00PM.
      By air: "Valerio Catullo" Airport  
      Passenger Information Office: 045-809,5666.
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  • CAR PARKING: Exhibitors and visitors will be provided various parking areas in and close to the Exhibition Center to ensure rapid and convenient access to the Show.
    Exhibitors may use the reserved area in the former Fruit and Vegetable Market (2,000 car places), former Magazzini Generali, opposite the Exhibition Center (2,500), the new multilevel car park in Viale dell'Industria (2,000), the former 'Macello' area next to the multilevel car park (500 parking spaces reserved for exhibitors at SOL and Enolitech), and Gate F (Via Scopoli) (140), for a total of 7,140 car parking spaces.
    Visitors, on the other hand, may use 3,000-car parking places in the former Magazzini Generali, about 2,000 in the area around Viale del Commercio, 2,000 in the former Adige Workshops (near the Verona Sud highway exit), 2,000 at the Railway Goods Sidings, 2,000 in the Fruit and Vegetable Market (opposite the Exhibition Center) and 5,000 at the Stadium for a total of 16,000 car parking spaces.
    Dignitaries and journalists may park in the PalaExpo area (former World Trade Center), in front of the Exhibition Center itself (400 places).
    Admission only on presentation of Journalist ID (Press Pass).
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  • TRAFFIC ORGANIZATION: Preferential routes have been developed from highway exits and downtown. In addition, a shuttle bus will operate to/from Villafranca Catullo Airport and downtown.
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    • Valerio Catullo Airport: APT connections (Provincial Bus Company) with Valerio Catullo Airport, Villafranca.
      These buses are identified by the word 'Aerobus' and runs every 25 minutes.
      The service is available every day throughout the event.
      The route is: Catullo-Porta Nuova Railway Station-Exhibition Center-Catullo.
      Timetable: 8:50AM to 6:50PM.
      Tickets: 4.20 euro per person.
    • From Downtown: AMT busses (City Bus Service).
      Busses are identified by the word'Speciale Fiera'.
      The route is: San Luca-Railway Station-Exhibition Center.
      Non-stop service every 30 minutes from 8:15AM to 8:00PM. 
      Tickets : 1 euro per person. 
      PLEASE NOTE: Bus service from downtown is free for exhibitors: (On presentation of exhibitor badge).
    • From city hotels: Connections with downtown hotels and Corso Porta Nuova.
      Bus every 30 minutes from 8:15AM to 8:00PM
    • From Palazzo Gran Guardia in Piazza Bra (home to the Vinitaly Wine Store): Stops in Corso Porta Nuova (near the Chamber of Commerce), arrives at the Exhibition Center (office square);
    • From Bentegodi Stadium parking area: Connections with the parking areas at the Bentegodi Stadium.
      Shuttle bus schedule:
      Thursday, April 7 and Monday the 11th: Every 30 minutes from 8:00AM to 8:00PM;
      Friday , April 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10: Two busses every 15 minutes from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.
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  • HELICOPTER SERVICE: Helicopter service to/from airports and companies.

  • WHERE TO STAY:  For hotel reservation, please contact C.A.V. (Verona Hotel Cooperative), Via Patuzzi 5, 37121 Verona,
    Telephone: + 39 045 800 9844
    Fax: +39 045 800 9372.

  • EXHIBITORS 2004: 4,047: 3,769 Italian and 278 international from 30 countries.

  • VISITORS 2004:  140,610: 113,911 Italian and 26,699 international from all over the world.

  • MEDIA 2004: 2,340 accredited journalists.
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  • HISTORIC TIMELINE:  Vinitaly is the event that more than any other has marked the evolution of the national and international wine system, helping to make wine one of the most captivating and dynamic business realities worldwide.
    • 1967: September 22nd and 23rd – the Palazzo della Gran Guardia hosted the 'Italian Wine Days'.
      This was the official "baptism" of Vinitaly.
    • 1969: The third edition of the 'Italian Wine Days' saw 130 winemakers exhibit their products alongside conventions.
    • 1971: The event became 'Vinitaly – Wine Exhibition': a full-scale trade exhibition.
      An auction of highly-prized wines was organized by Agriturist and guided by Mario Soldati.
      Vinitaly was also paired by a trade section featuring machinery, equipment and products for enology, as well as the first edition of the 'DOC Wines Catalogue Exhibition'.
    • 1978: Vinitaly is qualified as 'international exhibition', thus welcoming participation by non-Italian enterprises.
    • 1980: Vinitaly is rescheduled and has been held in April since.
    • 1987: Vinitaly welcomed the first 'Olive Exhibition'.
    • 1988: The 'Olive Exhibition' became 'SOL'.
      , or the Exhibition of Grappa, Brandy and Spirits was set up as well.
    • 1995: Vinitaly merged with 'Distilla' and was renamed 'Vinitaly-International Wine and Spirits Exhibition'.
    • 1998: The international status of Vinitaly is confirmed and re-launched by 'VeronaFiere' with the decision to move into China (Shanghai) with 'China Wine', a positive experience repeated in following years.
      The sector dedicated to wine and oil became a specific show - 'Enolitech, the Exhibition of Technology for Wine-Growing, Enology/Olive-Growing and Olive Oil Production'.
    • 2002 & 2003: The exhibition 'conquered' America with 'Vinitaly U.S. Tour' and also attended IFOWS, the 'Italian Food and Wine Show' in Mumbay, India.
    • 2004: The Vinitaly brand is promoted in China – for the first time – after six years of presence and set up show in Russia as well.
Source: VeronaFiere Press Office
Tel.: + 39 045 8242 – 8285 – 8290 – 8378Fax: + 39 045 8298113

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