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The News section is dedicated to keeping our readers abreast of all latest news related to the world of enology and the global wine market. The global village is today's reality and, in order to be successful and competitive in business, it is more than ever necessary to compete with international realities.

Our staff writers are committed to bringing you up-to-date news that is of interest to anybody who buys or sells Italian wine.

  • MIWINE –
    First Professional Exhibition of Wine and Spirits

    MIWINE organizers chose Milan, Italy as home to the event because of its acclaimed cosmopolitan and business traditions. This guarantees the event an auspicious beginning.
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    FDA Deadline for Registration of Businesses Exporting Wines or Food to the United States under the Bio Terrorism Law

    As of this date, the Food and Drug Administration (or the FDA, the American federal agency charged with enforcing the above-mentioned law) claims that fewer than 15% of foreign businesses currently exporting to the United States have registered with them under the new Bio Terrorism Law.
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  • Imaging Vineyards from Space will Benefit Europe's Wines
    Space data are set to become an added ingredient in future European wines. ESA is contributing Earth Observation data and expertise to a European Commission-backed project called Bacchus.
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  • Earthy-spicy Lamb Kebabs seduce Sangiovese
    Sangiovese is Italy's most famous grape, and the medium- to full-bodied wine which is made from it features warm red fruit flavors and aromas of strawberry, red cherry and raspberry, often layered with tea, warm spice, earth, cedar and hints of tomato.
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  • BIOTERRORISM ACT: Seminars to Be Held in Italy
    From the Custom's Attachè Office, American Embassy - Rome, Italy - October 8, 2003
    On June 12, 2002, President Bush signed into law the "Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002," also known as the Bioterrorism Act (BTA).

    In an effort to reduce the number of inquiries and potential problems that may impact CBP operations upon inception of the new regulation, the American Embassy is seeking the cooperation of Italian business associations, such as the Italian Trade Commission and Confindustria, in attending the BTA seminars and subsequently assisting corporate members in the registration process and by answering questions on prior notice.
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  • Bibenda Duemila vini 2004Bibenda – DUEMILAVINI 2004
    Fifth edition of DUEMILAVINI published.
    Italian wine guide book prepared by sommeliers for sommeliers, wine professionals, collectors and the curious enotourists who are passionate about Italian wines and wish to expand their knowledge through a simple, yet highly professional book.

    Over 13,000 wines were tested, with about 800 finalists and 372 rewarded with the Cinque Grappoli, or Five Bunches, the mark of excellence. This year, the top position goes to Piedmont with 88 labels earning the prized recognition. Tuscany came in second with 84, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in third position with 39, followed by Veneto with 20. However, a high level of excellence was found in almost all wine regions of Italy: Alto Adige and Marche collected 18 Five Bunches each, 16 went to Sicily, 14 to Campania, 13 to Lombardy. Abruzzo gvarnered 10 awards while Umbria, Puglia, Emilia-Romagna, Sardegna. Trentino and Lazio scored 6. Basilicata, Calabria, Liguria and Val d’Aosta trailed and Molise, a small region with limited wine production, was the only region that did not earn any Five Bunche awatds.
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Wine collection in a medieval cellar in Siena, Italy
Wine collection in
a medieval cellar
in Siena, Italy
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