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Part of the WineCountry.IT network, Italian Wine Hub is dedicated to providing information about Italian wine producers and exporters in Italy and Italian wine importers and distributors in the US. This site is intended as a tool for professional wine buyers, collectors, distributors, importers, exporters and producers of Italian wine alike.

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We are located in beautiful Marin County, California, across the Golden Gate Bridge from charming and technologically advanced San Francisco and just a relaxing half-hour drive to world famous California Wine Country. This puts us in a geographically prominent position which enables us to take advantage of the know-how of top professionals in the grape-growing, wine making, and wine distribution industry, as well as of the technology that supports and develops both the Internet and the ever more important search engine optimization technologies.

The Founders

Loris Scagliarini is an Italian-born web architect resident in Marin County, who grew up in Castelfranco Emilia, Modena. During his formation years, he worked seasonally as the de-facto manager of the then brand new electronic scale system that weighed and tracked all incoming grapes at one of the largest local wineries.

In those years, Mr. Scagliarini developed a passion for the industry than never succeeded completely while he was pursuing a successful career as a photographer and writer active in both the advertising and leisure / travel industries. Read more…

J. D. is an American lawyer with a passion for Italy. He met Mr. Scagliarini when he hired him to build a web site for one of his business ventures. Sharing interests in similar subjects, they hit it off well, soon become friends, and also met in Italy during a trip there. From that point it was only natural for Mr. Dawdy and Mr. Scagliarini to join forces to develop a network of web sites centered around Italian wines, its regional cultures and traditions, the yearly production and quality of vintages, as well as the Italian culinary art and regional specialty foods that are the perfect accompaniment to local wines.

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Web Architect: Loris Scagliarini – Web site design and production: art-i-zen.com


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